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Spring Elections 2023 Results

We are proud to announce the winners of this year’s UESF Spring 2023 Elections. UESF will be reporting all of the winners to our affiliates to get them registered. Congratulations to the winners!

NEA-RA 2023 Representatives 

UESF completed the NEA RA elections and we are proud to announce the elected UESF Delegates and Alternates to this year’s NEA RA. Here are the full results: 2023 NEA RA-Results. We will be submitting the results to the NEA to get the Delegates and Alternates registered. Congratulations to those elected and thank you for participating!

Certificated Delegates:

Rori Abernethy

Darcie Blackburn

Cassondra Curiel

Nathalie Hrizi

Betty Robinson-Harris

Certificated Alternates:

Genevieve Evenhouse

Callen Taylor

Classified Delegates: 

Carolyn Samoa

Diana Mueller

CTA State Council Certificated Representative

Kevin Hartzog

Spring Elections 2022 Results

CTA State Council Certificated Seats, Term July 2021-June 2024


Geri Almanza

Claire Merced-Roble

CTA State Council Certificated Seats, Term July 2022-June 2025


Rori Abernethy

Anthony Arinwine

Reynaldo Dulaney

Betty Robinson-Harris

Van Williams

Leslie Hu

Frank Lara

Bridget Early

Cassondra Curiel


Nathalie Hrizi

CTA State Council Classified Seats, Term July 2022-June 2025


Carolyn Samoa

Iman Robinson-Harris

Justine Madarang


Thomas Harriman