Political Action & Endorsements


What is the ADEM election?

  • The CA Democratic Party Assembly District Elections (ADEM elections) are held in each of the 80 Assembly Districts in order to elect representatives as Assembly District delegates to the CA Democratic Party Democratic State Central Committee (and one representative per Assembly District to the CDP Executive Board Representative).

  • Delegates choose the party leadership, set the policy platform, and make endorsements on state and federal elections.

  • It’s important we elect pro-public education and pro-labor candidates!

  • For more information on the 2023 ADEMs click here. 

UESF ADEM Endorsements (see each candidates’ ballot number next to their name)

Assembly District 17 

  • Grassroots Community slate (all members of the slate)

    • Mario Flores (9)

    • Vanessa Pimentel (21)

    • Jeremy Lee (22)

    • Imelda Carrasco (24)

    • Celi Tamayo-Lee (25)

  • Stronger Future United Labor and Community slate (select members of the slate)

    • Tony Delorio (3)

    • Armie Morgan (7)

    • Lan Fun Lau (Anita Lau) (8)

    • Adrienne Sims (10)

    • Robert Sandoval (11)

    • Kristin A. Hardy (13)

    • Bart Pantoja (14)

    • Amber P Baur (16)

    • Jupiter Peraza (26)

  • UESF also recommends the following two candidates:

    • Sarah Souza (6)

    • Tom Temprano (18)

Assembly District 19

  • Neighbors and Labor United slate (select members of the slate) 

    • Lealani Manuta (8)

    • Sabrina Hernandez (9)

    • Greg Hardeman (11)

    • Nicole Christian (15)

    • Juslyn Manalo (19)

    • Ryan McGilley (22)

  • Individual candidate

    • Alondra Esquivel Garcia (23)

How to vote for ADEM

  • If you registered for your mail ballot (registration deadline was Dec 31st), you should have received it this past week

  • Search your email account for the “ADEM: Registration details” email and find your Participant ID Number. The number looks like XX-X-XXXXXXX. Using a number 2 pencil or a blue or black ink pen to write your participant ID number and bubble in your number.

  • Then please vote for UESF’s endorsed candidates, which are listed above. You can only vote for 14 people total and cannot vote for more than 14. If you don’t remember your assembly district, please use this website. A candidate’s Ballot Number can be found on the Candidates Page.  

  • Seal the envelope and put a stamp on it. Place your ballot in the mail ASAP so it’s received by the Jan 31st deadline!



UESF has a robust political and community engagement program. Through our political work, we seek to help build resources and support for our public schools and to bring commitment from across the city of San Francisco and the state of California to address the fundamental needs of our students. We also take part in coalition work to address issues of concern for educators and the families and communities we serve in San Francisco, including working to ensure that San Francisco remains an affordable place for all of its residents.

Join the UESF COPE (Committee on Political Education) Subcommittee! UESF members are invited to engage in the political education work of our union. It’s duties are outlined by the UESF bylaws and constitution. The Subcommittee established and leads the endorsement process for political candidates, mobilizes members for political campaigns and organizes political education efforts for our membership.

For more information about UESF’s political program or to join COPE, please email politics@uesf.org

Paid for by UESF COPE Candidate PAC. Not authorized by a candidate or a committee controlled by a candidate. Financial disclosures are available at sfethics.org.