Endorsements & Political Action


November 2022 Endorsements


UESF Local Endorsements

Board of Education
Alida Fisher
Lisa Weissman-Ward 
Board of Supervisors
Re-Elect Gordon Mar, D4
Honey Mahogany, D6
Re-Elect Shamann Walton, D10
City College Trustees 4 Year
Susan Solomon
Vick Chung
Anita Martinez
District Attorney
John Hamasaki
Bart Director District 8
Janice Li
Public Defender
Manohar Raju

UESF Endorsed Local Measures VOTE YES

Prop A: Retirement Benefits for City Employees

Prop E: Affordable Housing Production Act (AHPA)

Prop F: Renewal of Library Preservation Fund

Prop G: Student Success Fund Charter Amendment

Prop H: Holding City Elections in Even-Numbered Years

Prop L: Sales Tax to Fund Transportation Projects

Prop M: Tax on Keeping Residential Units Vacant

Prop O: Additional Parcel Tax for City College


UESF Opposed Local Measures VOTE NO

Prop D: Affordable Homes Now


UESF State Endorsements

Superintendent of Public Instruction 

Tony Thurmond

Assembly District 17 

Matt Haney 

Assembly District 19
Phil Ting

Proposition 1: Right to Reproductive Freedom Amendment

Proposition 28: Art and Music K-12 Education Funding Initiative

Proposition 31: Flavored Tobacco Products Ban Referendum


Now It’s Time To Win! How Can You Get Involved?

So we’ve made our endorsements…now it’s time to make sure the candidates and propositions we support win big! We’ll be sharing more detailed information on how members can get involved with our election activities, including phone/text banking, door-to-door canvassing, passing out campaign literature, writing letters to the editor, and much more! For now, please email ask-uesf@uesf.org with the subject line “Let’s Win!” if you want to help organize the upcoming campaign work. And stay tuned for more!



UESF has a robust political and community engagement program. Through our political work, we seek to help build resources and support for our public schools and to bring commitment from across the city of San Francisco and the state of California to address the fundamental needs of our students. We also take part in coalition work to address issues of concern for educators and the families and communities we serve in San Francisco, including working to ensure that San Francisco remains an affordable place for all of its residents.

Join the UESF COPE (Committee on Political Education) Subcommittee! UESF members are invited to engage in the political education work of our union. It’s duties are outlined by the UESF bylaws and constitution. The Subcommittee established and leads the endorsement process for political candidates, mobilizes members for political campaigns and organizes political education efforts for our membership.

For more information about UESF’s political program or to join COPE, please contact Cassondra Curiel at ccuriel@uesf.org.