Political Action & Endorsements

March 2024 Election Recap

Thank you to all the UESF members who took the time to knock on doors, make phone calls, talk to their colleagues, and share our UESF voter guide! The results won’t be final for about a week, but we’re hopeful that Prop A (affordable housing bond) will achieve the two-thirds it needs to pass. While other items, including the SF Democratic Party leadership (DCCC) elections, did not result in the wins we would have wanted, we’ll continue to fight, as we always do, for the schools our students deserve! 

For some media analysis about the election results, view the articles below:

SF Chronicle: Voters make it clear: San Francisco can no longer be called a progressive city

Politico: City of peace and love votes for drug screening and more police surveillance

SF Standard: Voters empower cops, reform welfare: Is San Francisco still a liberal bastion?

Mission Local: Election 2024: An initial post-mortem of San Francisco results


SF Mayoral Candidate Questionnaire

What do you want to ask the candidates running to be our next mayor in San Francisco? Click here to submit questions you think we should put in the questionnaire we’re creating to send to the candidates. This is going to be a hard fought race for the future of our city and there’s currently four major candidates running – Mayor London Breed, Supervisor Ahsha Safai, Former Supervisor Mark Farrell, and nonprofit founder and Levi Strauss heir Daniel Lurie – and Supervisor Aaron Peskin is also likely running. What should we ask them? Click here to let us know!


COPE Subcommittee Meeting

Our COPE Subcommittee will hold our next meeting on Thursday March 14th from 5-6:30pm on Zoom. We’ll be focusing on getting ready for the November elections. All UESF COPE members are invited to participate. If you want to join this meeting, please email Cris Garza, UESF COPE Director, at politics@uesf.org.  Because we need to verify members’ COPEstatus before the meeting, you’ll need to RSVP by the day before. Once your COPE membership has been verified, you’ll be sent the meeting info and Zoom link.


School Board Endorsements

Save the Date! We’ll be holding our COPE membership endorsement recommendation meeting for school board candidates on Saturday May 18th. More details soon!



UESF has a robust political and community engagement program. Through our political work, we seek to help build resources and support for our public schools and to bring commitment from across the city of San Francisco and the state of California to address the fundamental needs of our students. We also take part in coalition work to address issues of concern for educators and the families and communities we serve in San Francisco, including working to ensure that San Francisco remains an affordable place for all of its residents.

Join the UESF COPE (Committee on Political Education) Subcommittee! UESF members are invited to engage in the political education work of our union. It’s duties are outlined by the UESF bylaws and constitution. The Subcommittee established and leads the endorsement process for political candidates, mobilizes members for political campaigns and organizes political education efforts for our membership.

For more information about UESF’s political program or to join COPE, please email Cris Garza, COPE Director, at politics@uesf.org.

Paid for by UESF COPE Candidate PAC. Not authorized by a candidate or committee controlled by a candidate. Financial disclosures are available at sfethics.org. FPPC ID: 1311218.