Mission and Vision

UESF is the collective voice of San Francisco Unified School District teachers and paraprofessionals, organized and professional educators committed to learning and to the bond between students and their teachers. As a union of professional educators, UESF has a responsibility to make an increasing effort to support successful education and seek remedies for unsuccessful educational efforts. UESF owes this responsibility to its members, its members’ students and to the broader society. What unites these responsibilities is a commitment to optimize learning.

We acknowledge our union’s responsibility to cooperate with other stakeholders in San Francisco’s public schools, and dedicate ourselves with unceasing effort to:

  • Seek consistently higher levels of student achievement
  • Promote in public education and in the union democratic dynamics, fairness, and due process for all
  • Improve the quality of the teaching force
  • Improve the terms and conditions under which adults and children work and learn