Sabina Wildman

Sabina is a UESF Field Organizer who has directed student worker organizing, led tech worker organizing, and is a community organizer. She is an SFUSD… read more

Pedro C.

Pedro is a field organizer with UESF and has worked in politics and the labor movement for 10 years. He was previously a regional political… read more

Beatrice M.

Beatrice is UESF’s field representative for elementary schools in the San Francisco Unified School District. Prior to joining UESF, Beatrice was an organizer with SEIU… read more

Amanda H.

Amanda has worked in community organizing, journalism, and the labor movement across the country for the last 16 years. She joined the UESF team in… read more

Amanda S.

read more

Marilyn I.

After working for more than 20 years at ILWU, she also worked at eQuest as Senior Accountant.  The leader of global job distribution and built… read more