San Francisco Educators Pass Resolution Calling For Safer Technology Standards For All San Francisco Schools

Enhancing Technology Safety in San Francisco Unified School District
WHEREAS, cell phones emit radiofrequency energy when they send and receive signals to and from cell towers, and
WHEREAS, cell phone usage in the United States continues to increase, especially among children, and
WHEREAS, the science surrounding the emission of radio-frequency energy from cell phones has not reached a level of consensus within the scientific community, and
WHEREAS, current research is suggesting long-term high usage of cell phones and the concomitant exposure to the energy emitted by those cell phones may impact human health, and
WHEREAS, the developing brains of children and adolescents may be more affected than others by cell phone use, and
WHEREAS, the California Department of Public Health, in December of 2017, issued guidelines on reducing exposure to radiofrequency energy from cell phones, including (1) keeping cell phones away from your body, (2) reducing or avoiding use of cell phones when it is sending out high levels of RF energy, (3) not sleeping with the cell phone in your bed or near your head, (4) removing a headset when not directly on a call, and (5) do not rely on “radiation shields” or other products claiming to block RF energy, electromagnetic fields or radiation from cell phones, and
WHEREAS, the science in this area is still evolving, enough concern exist that implementing simple steps can reduce exposure for children, adolescents and adults, and
WHEREAS, the public school district in Ashland, Massachusetts, through its own review of the matter, has instituted district-wide “best practices for mobile devices” aimed at reducing wireless radiation exposures, and
THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED that UESF place this matter as an agenda item for discussion in the UESF/SFUSD Labor-Management Health and Safety Committee at the first meeting of the committee following passage of this resolution, and
THEREFORE, BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED, that said agenda items will include (the discussion of the CA DPH guidelines for reducing exposure to RF energy from cell phones, (2) the development and dissemination of SFUSD best practices for the reduction of RF energy, (3) recommend that all students and families have access to the CA DPH guidelines via the SFUSD Student/Family Handbook, and the posting of the CA DPH guidelines in every classroom (see attached) and 
THEREFORE, BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that UESF publicize to its members, via e-mail blast (including a link to the CA DPH guidelines) and via publication with the union’s newspaper, the CA Department of Public Health guidelines for reducing exposure to RF energy from cell phones, and
THEREFORE, BE IT FINALLY RESOLVED, that UESF urge its members to follow the CA DPH recommendations in their personal and professional use of devices emitting radio frequency energy.