Stable, Safe, & Supportive Schools

Starting in the 2016-2017 school year, UESF adopted a platform advocating for Stable, Safe, and Supportive Schools. The platform seeks to address the growing instability in our schools caused by the affordability crisis in San Francisco, with a special focus on ensuring that San Francisco educators are able to live in the communities we serve, and that our students are able to remain in their communities.

UESF members are also deeply committed to ensuring that all students receive the support they deserve in the classroom and in their schools. As part of this commitment, UESF works to hold the SFUSD accountable to their Safe and Supportive Schools resolution, which was passed by the Board of Education in 2014 to eliminate the over-representation of students of color in referrals, suspensions, and expulsions at school sites. It has been unevenly applied at the schools, with inadequate support and training for educators and inadequate services for the students who need it.

Our support of Safe & Supportive Schools also includes working to ensure that all students with IEPs receive the education and supports they deserve and that educators and school communities receive the training support necessary to help ensure students with IEPs receive a quality education in the least restrictive environment possible.