Our Vision and Approach

The United Educators of San Francisco is a progressive, democratic, and innovative union. The strength of the union comes directly from the school sites, where educators work together with parents and community groups to make sure our schools get what they need. We believe that all stakeholders should be accountable to the students, and have worked hard to make sure that the SFUSD implements programs and policies that directly benefit their education. We also realize that engaging with community-based organizations provides additional support to our students, our families and our communities.


                    1. Our schools work best when all of San Francisco participates. Every school needs active and engaged parents, as well as community, business, and religious groups

                        who are dedicated to improving the education of all of the students.


                    2. Our students are best served by educators who are fully supported in the classroom and at the school site with meaningful professional development, adequate resources, and respect.


                    3. Students learn best when they have small class sizes, when they receive individualized attention, and when they receive a broad curriculum including Art, Music, and P.E.