UESF Rally for Safe Air & Safe Sites

Posted on August 22, 2021

The spike in COVID-19 coupled with the onset of what looks to be the most destructive wildfire season yet is causing great anxiety for educators, families, and our communities. We know more can be done than is being done and that it is up to us to mobilize for what is needed. Because we love our communities and care for our students, educators are demanding more for our schools from city and district leadership. The primary mode of ventilation is open windows yet educators are being advised to shut windows as the air quality index begins to teeter into dangerous levels. Where are the air purifiers, HVAC systems and high quality masks (KN95/KN94) that will help us stay safe during the wildfire pandemic season? Let’s put the federal and state resources to work getting what we need for our schools: air purifiers for all our classrooms, high quality masks for all students and workers, and universal weekly testing for safe air and safe sites!

Safe Air & Safe Sites Rally
Tuesday, Aug 31st
5pm @ City Hall
Bring your masks and signs!

Use this sign up form to help us gain an understanding of who has access to air purifiers and let us know if you can join us for the rally! Educators, students, families and community supporters welcome.