San Francisco Examiner: Galileo High Still Reeling From ‘Unjust’ Transfer of Longtime Staff Member

Posted on August 25, 2017

On Tuesday night, 8/22, nearly 20 current teachers (and one former) showed up at the Board of Education meeting to advocate passionately for the return of Susan Kitchell to Galileo High School.

Here are some of the poignant comments UESF members delivered to the Board:

“Let’s call a spade a spade.  this transfer is purely political.  We have 1,900 students, and no nurse.  We need Susan Kitchell.”

“Removing Nurse Kitchell sends the message that it’s not safe to speak up.”

“If this is what 20 years of service to the District gets you, I really fear for my future in this district.”

“Removing Susan Kitchell is a schoolyard tit for tat.”

“I needed to leave Galileo to heal.  It might be too late to do right by me, but it’s not too late to do right by Susan.”

Laura Waxmann of the San Francisco Examiner attended the meeting and wrote an article about the unjust transfer of Susan Kitchell.

UESF is fighting to return Kitchell to her home at Galileo HS.