San Francisco Educators Pass Resolution Calling for Safer Technology Standards for all San Francisco Schools

Posted on June 25, 2018


Statements from individuals and organizations:

“Our public health guidance has not been keeping pace with our newest evolutions of telecommunication technologies.   And yet the health science regarding cellular technologies suggests the need for caution.  A very first step would be to apply the California State Health Department Cell Phone Guidelines, particularly in settings where there may be children or workers whose exposures last their whole work day.”

     – Barbara Sattler

       Professor, RN, DrPH, FAAN, University of San Francisco, School of Nursing and Health Professions

       Nurses for Healthy Environments (ANHE)

“Thanks to the United Educators of San Francisco and the Department of Public Health for providing this valuable information to reduce wireless radiation, so children and teachers can be better protected in the classroom and at home.”
– Sandi Maurer
Director, EMF Safety Network

“Around the world today, school districts are on the front lines wrestling with increasingly distracted youngsters who find it difficult to learn how to learn. EHT applauds California teachers efforts to regain control of the classroom by limiting the use of cell phones and other wireless devices and ensuring that they and their students understand why and how to practice safe technology.”
     – Devra Davis PhD, MPH, founder, and president of Environmental Health Trust
“The United Educators of San Francisco’s leadership will go far to educate and protect students and staff. The California Department of Health’s advice on how to reduce exposure is the first step in addressing this critical public health issue. 
Children and teenagers have no idea that the phone they love so much exposes them to radiation. Raising awareness in schools is logical, practical and will be life-saving.  The Unions resolution adds momentum to the many educational unions nationwide who are developing safer policies on cell phones and wireless. Around the world, over twenty governments have issued advice to reduce exposure to cell phones. Several hi-tech countries have banned cell phones and Wi-Fi in schools.”
     – Theodora Scarato 
       Executive Director of Environmental Health Trust 
“The professionals in California’s health department should be lauded for overcoming political pressures by putting public health above corporate profits. The Department’s evidence-based, cell phone safety guidance enacts an important recommendation of the 240 EMF scientists who signed the International EMF Scientist Appeal, namely “the public (should) be fully informed about the potential health risks from electromagnetic energy and taught harm reduction strategies.”
     – Joel Moskowitz
        Director, Center for Family and Community Health
       UC Berkeley School of Public Health
“The California Brain Tumor Association thanks Sarah Aminoff and the United Educators of San Francisco for their collaborative work in regard to dissemination of information regarding best practices for reducing wireless exposure for students, teachers and staff. The California Department of Health, based on scientific evidence, published a guideline sheet in regard to this issue in 2017. It contains excellent information as to simple precautions one can take to use wireless technology as safely as possible. It is critical that teachers, parents and students learn of these precautions. 
Wireless radiation is not only causing brain tumors but other cancers (wherever the phone is kept on the body), damage to fetuses, damage and death of sperm, and electro-sensitivity. The recent $25 million United States National Toxicology Program study states there is now clear evidence that wireless radiation is causing cancer. Children, teens and young adults are at greater risk as they will have a lifetime of exposure and their bodies absorb more of the radiation emitted. 
   – Ellie Marks, California Brain Tumor Association
    The California Brain Tumor Association focuses on the prevention of primary brain tumors and applauds the efforts of UESF.