Over 750 UESF Members and Supporters Rally at 555 Franklin

Posted on May 10, 2017

On May 9th over 750 UESF members and supporters rallied in support of our campaign for Stable, Safe, and Supportive schools before the Board of Education meeting at 555 Franklin. The boisterous rally and speak out, which included another famous appearance by the Brass Liberation Orchestra, was an opportunity for teachers and para-educators to show the district that we are committed to our students and our schools, but that without a commitment from the district on a significant salary increase, we simply cannot afford to live here.

Equally important, the day was an opportunity for us to push back on the district’s proposed cuts to special education. 118 paraprofessionals and 24 RSP teachers from 61 schools are getting consolidated, and the impact of such cuts will have terrible consequences not only for our students with IEPs, but for general education students at those schools as well.

The rally followed a heart-wrenching story published on the front page of the San Francisco Chronicle yesterday, detailing the struggles of an SFUSD high school teacher who lost her apartment and has been without a home for months because of the affordability crisis. In the story, reporter Heather Knight also included some of the incredible statistics that show how unaffordable San Francisco really is for educators.

Thanks to everyone who came out to the rally yesterday, to stand with your fellow educators, parents, and students for our schools. Your dedication and resolve were on full display to the Board, the new superintendent, the administration, and several City blocks surrounding 555 Franklin! Special thanks to our UESF organizers, who have spent the past several weeks out in the schools helping to turn folks out to the rally!

Look for more photos up on the UESF Facebook photo album!