2024 End of School Year Message

Posted on May 31, 2024


Hello UESF! We are in the final stretch of the school year for our TK-12 educators. Congratulations on all your amazing accomplishments. Together we have achieved so much as we continue to fight for the schools our students deserve, and as this school year comes to a close, it’s important to highlight those collective wins. This year saw the conclusion of our first full contract campaign since we returned to in-person instruction following the devastating pandemic. We have built an organization with critical structures that not only won a historic contract, but laid the foundation to continue the fight in the upcoming contract campaign. We maintain almost one hundred percent of union building committees across all one hundred and twenty school sites and dozens of work areas. We also trained over  seventy rank and file members in bargaining. The bargaining campaign built the largest, most representative bargaining team to date with extraordinarily high member participation and strong solidarity amongst all educators across every classification. Thanks to the collective power you and your coworkers built, the SpEd reopener concluded with wins and many firsts. Overall, your efforts won unprecedented wage increases, stabilized Empower, exposed the District for its years of gross mismanagement, achieved real wins for SPED and has set our District on a better path towards meeting the needs of our students, families and educators. 

Your union office will continue to be open over the summer preparing to welcome you back in the Fall to start the 2025 contract campaign, which will focus on demanding the State of California truly invest in our public schools. Our contract wins are key to stabilizing, attracting, and keeping our members in SFUSD. As you look ahead to a much needed summer break, rest assured that your efforts continue making San Francisco public schools a very special place worth fighting to defend and improve. 

We accomplished so much together, and I am looking forward to continuing to build power arm-in-arm with you next school year. We hope you all have a wonderful, restful, rejuvenating summer, and we look forward to continuing to organize with you all for the schools our students deserve in the Fall!