Five Keys Contract Ratification

UESF-Five Keys Contract Ratification:

Over the past 6 months, your bargaining team has worked towards a contract that improves your wages and working conditions. Both parties have come to an agreement.  It is now your turn, as members, to vote on the tentative agreement. If you ratify it, it will become your new contract for the next three years.

Your Bargaining Team unanimously recommends a YES vote.

Below, you will find links to the existing contract, the “new” contract/tentative agreement with proposed changes underlined, all individual TAs and Side Letters for the new contract, and two easy-to-read, brief summaries that highlight the major changes/achievements of the tentative agreement you will vote on.

Existing Contract 2014-2017

Tentative Agreement (New Language Underlined) 2017-2020

Individual TAs and Side Letters

Bargaining Update 1

Bargaining Update 2

Please familiarize yourself with the documents above.  Once you are ready, please vote to ratify or reject (yes or no) the tentative agreement.

Your ballot packet will be mailed to you, inclusive of a ballot, secret ballot envelope, and a return envelope. When you are ready to vote:

  • Mark the ballot (check the yes or no box)
  • Place the marked ballot in the secret ballot envelope
  • Seal the secret ballot envelope
  • Place the secret ballot envelope inside the return envelope
  • Print your name AND SIGN the return envelope
  • Mail back to us as soon as possible.

Ballots must arrive in our office by Monday October 2, 2017. We will begin the vote count at 5:30pm. If we do not have it in our possession at 5:30pm, it will not count.