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UESF Encourages Educators to Inform Parents of Their Rights to Opt-Out of Testing

Educators know assessments should inform instruction. They should be used to monitor learning, establish learning goals and to plan, and to differentiate and modify our instruction. However, too often standardized tests fall far short of what tests can and should be. They often don’t align to the curriculum, and we lose precious instructional time and resources on the ever-increasing tests every year. There are also serious equity issues with our working class students and English language learners being over-tested in public schools.

For these pedagogic and equity reasons, UESF encourages teachers to inform parents/guardians of their right to opt their children out of SBAC and other assesssments. You have the right under Cal Ed Code to inform parents of their opt-out rights without repercussion.

Click here for more information and to links about your rights, parents’ rights, and opt out forms. For more info on how to speak to parents, your UBC, or your admin about opting out, please contact UESF Testing Committee Chair Cynthia Lasden at notengotia@gmail.com

Please review the materials below and contact UESF Elections Committee Chair Cynthia Lasden at notengotia@gmail.com if you would like assistance in distributing the materials at your school site.

Opt-out resources:

For educators:

School Employees’ Rights Regarding Opting Out of Testing
Must Read: Cut & Share

For parents:

You can Opt Out – Parents Know your Rights – English

Opt-out forms


English Version

中文 K-8 Opt Out Form

Español K-8 Opt Out Form