Substitutes Division

This page is a resource for substitute teachers in the San Francisco Unified School district. It will be updated periodically, as issues affecting substitutes come up. Important links are also available below.
You may also email UESF Vice-President for Substitutes Nathalie Hrizi, if you have any questions.

Monthly Meetings – 1st Thursday at 4:30pm

09/2/2021, 10/07/2021, 11/04/2021, 12/02/2021, 1/06/2022, 2/03/2022, 3/03/2022, 4/07/2022, 5/05/2022

UESF Substitute Executive Board Representatives

Vice-President for Substitutes
Nathalie Hrizi

Additional information for substitutes:

Substitute Assignment Tips
It is worthwhile to check the FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) the district says it has installed on its website ( to check whether your common sense understanding matches their processes.  Did you know that “No Records Found” and “No Work Available” means that the lines are busy?  The district says their off-the-shelf program cannot make the change to something like “Busy, try again”. When the above messages are received the phone callers have to hang up and call again.  On-line users have to refresh their cache or press the search button.
Working Families Tax Credit
Substitute teachers and paraprofessionals are among those who may qualify for the City of San Francisco Working Families Tax Credit. To qualify for the City funds you must also file for the federal Earned Income Tax Credit (EITC) and have at least one dependent child. More information is available at