UESF FAQ on SFUSD’s 2017 Intent to Return Form

1. Why is the district making us do this?

SFUSD claims that enforcing this aspect of the CA Education Code (Section 44852) is in response to the teacher shortage and the concerns they have in regards to the increased number of resignations from SFUSD after the start of the school year. This is the second year that SFUSD has required this of our members.

2. Is it legal?

Yes, it is within SFUSD’s legal purview. CEC 44842 gives the district the right to ask you to let them know whether or not you are returning for the next school year.

3. Do I have to do anything right now?

Your principal will ask you to sign his/her roster, indicating that you were informed of the need to submit a letter of intent. Signing the roster does not bind you to any particular decision.

4. When is the deadline for turning in the Intent to Return form?

The deadline for returning the form is June 30th, 2017. If you are certain that you are returning to SFUSD for the 2017-2018 school year, you may return the form anytime between now and June 30th. If you are not sure of your plans, you can wait and turn the form in as late as June 30th, 2017.

5. Under what circumstances may I change my mind?

The district has informed UESF that no action will be taken if there are certain extenuating circumstances that cause a teacher to resign after signing an intent to return form. The circumstances the district will consider are: relocation out of state, sudden financial hardship (e.g., eviction or spouse losing his/her job), or personal or family medical reasons. Cases will be reviewed on an individual basis.

6. Under what circumstances might SFUSD report a teacher to the California Commission on Teacher Credentialing?

The district would consider taking action if a teacher resigns after June 30 because he/she takes a position in a different district in California, is dissatisfied with working conditions in SFUSD, or resigns for personal reasons or no reason stated. The district has the right to report a teacher to the CCTC, which can choose to issue a private admonition or a public reproval or to suspend your credential for less than one year. For more information, go to http://www.ctc.ca.gov/educator- discipline/FAQ.html.

7. What will happen if I don’t turn in the form right away?

The district is planning on sending out at least one reminder.

8. What if I lose the form?

Losing the form does not excuse you from submitting the form. UESF asked SFUSD to post a generic form on their website, but the request was denied. You will have to request a duplicate from Human Resources.

9. What if I still have questions?

For additional questions and concerns, please email your staff representative or call the UESF office at 415 956-8373.