Below are the current contracts for both certificated and classified UESF members.

Below is the 2017-2020 Salary Schedules that include the new Living Wage for Educators/parcel tax add-on.

Salary Schedules

All current salary schedules can be viewed here.

We extended our 2020 contract and will return to the bargaining table to negotiate a new contract in February 2023. After negotiations, we will have updated salary schedule documents that reflect current years. For now, we are operating off of the 19-20 schedule.


Download the Classified Contract Here

Download the Certificated Contract Here

You can also scroll through each contract below. The first contract is the Classified contract. To view the Certificated contract, make sure you are not scrolling within the Classified contract in order to access the Certificated contract.

Memorandum of Understandings between UESF and SFUSD

View all 23/24 MOUs Here

View all 22/23 MOUs Here

View all 21/22 MOUs Here